Talent is every company’s greatest asset; at Winston Fox, it is our aim to help you realize your full potential, and get the very best out of your career.

Our team understands that remuneration packages are not the sole driver for our candidates, and we take pride in delivering as good a service to you, as we do to the recruitment managers we work with.  Our goal is to source and secure exciting opportunities, and to us that means, not just an exciting role, but an awesome culture, superb career path, strong earning potential and benefits, and the feeling of being valued, and making an important impact.  If you don’t feel this way about your current role or are considering a new position lacking some of these elements, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our market is small and we the absolute importance of discretion which is something Winston Fox is fully committed, giving you peace of mind that all communications between us are strictly confidential.

At Winston Fox, you will be working with a recruitment veteran with extensive networks and Twenty plus years experience in Financial Markets, Technology Quantitative Finance across London, New York and Asia-Pacific.  Accordingly, our team will be able to guide you through the recruitment minefield, such as CV writing, Interview preparation and negotiating the best overall package on your behalf. Above all our key motivation is to find you the role that you want, within your ideal company, and this is why you will find that Winston Fox is extremely thorough when exploring your goals, aspirations, motivations skills.



At Winston Fox, we also understand that a career change can be a stressful process, particularly when a candidate does not receive the high level of service that they should expect from their recruitment agent. At Winston Fox, you can be confident that we maintain high ethical standards, and our candidates can be assured that, throughout the recruitment process, our strict procedural policies ensure that all candidates represented by us:

  • Retain control of your own CV. Winson Fox is fully GDPR compliant and will never disclose or introduce your CV or Data without your explicit written consent.

  • Can expect their individual circumstances to be treated with respect, discretion and confidentiality (references will only be taken up at an appropriate stage during the recruitment process, and with express consent).

  • Benefit from the market knowledge, market reach and negotiation skills of a seasoned Recruitment Consultant with more than Twenty years experience in the financial and technology markets (at Winston Fox a candidate’s career progression will never be left in the hands of an inexperienced researcher or consultant).