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Winston Fox is aiming to engage with talented technical and quantitative professionals across the World in a meaningful way, and in a way that is mutually beneficial and rewarding. At Winston Fox, we have developed an innovative Referral System.  Our unique Referral System is unlike the market standard of a thank you card, pat on the back, lunch with an agent, or a "market-leading" £250 referral fee!

We are always looking to work with talented people and we have fantastic opportunities to offer, but we can’t always reach everyone, so we invite you to become part of our referral network where you can introduce us to your friends, colleagues, associates or acquaintances and in return we offer you significant financial rewards on successful placements.

Rewards are simply calculated as twenty percent of recruitment fees, and they are significant!  These rewards can either be paid directly to you, or we can make a named donation on your behalf to a charity of your choosing.

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