Winston Fox Testimonials
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    "The support I received from James at Winston Fox was fundamental to secure my next opportunity.

    As a motivator, he is second to none! His high energy combined with tailored tips were able to get the best out of me. Also, I was impressed by the almost immediate feedback I received at each stage of the interview process, it made my interview experience extremely enjoyable.

    If you are looking for your next big challenge, James is the person to reach out."

    Leonardo Cotti, Senior Software Engineer

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    Throughout the entire recruiting process, James was of tremendous help on each step. Based on his extensive experience, he provided valuable insights into the industry trends, interview best practices and even into the culture of the company. He was always there to brainstorm and bounce ideas whenever required. I am sure it would have been much more difficult to navigate the entire process without his thoughtful advice. I have been able to make the career transition I wanted to for some time and it would not have been possible without James.

    Mitesh, Portfolio Manager

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    I am so impressed by the help and support I received from Joe at Winston Fox. 

    It was evident that he wanted not just to fill a vacancy, but to ensure that there was the right fit on both sides. Joe provided valuable suggestions to improve my CV, which helped me to ensure it was much more tailored for the specific role. 

    I received invaluable advice and straightforward feedback. This was immensely helpful. 

    I’m thrilled to be starting such an engaging role and am grateful to Joe for helping me to get over the line. 

    Kate Livingstone, Head of Ops & Finance